Sunday, November 25, 2007

Craft Sales and such...

Well, I went to the craft show in Wynyard yesterday. It's a neat little show. Lots of traffic. Very crowded though. Lots of jostling and being jostled. There were some intersting things there though. A lady had beautiful polar fleece mittens. One had really neat wooden signs (fun rustic looking signs)! Another had quilted goodies, everything from quilts to coasters. There was a table of fudge..... oh my steer clear..... LOL But it looked soooooooo very very good!!! One had stained glass. My girlfriend was there with her table of crafts(knitting and such), and there were a few other tables of crafts. There were 2 gals that had amazing photos! A guy with deer sausage. The usual Tupperware and Avon tables.

Hubby and I also went out to my girlfriends place. We had a good visit. As usual not long enough for me and her.. but, it was snowing and getting late so, Hubby and I had to head for home.

I have listed 2 of my sis' angels on Etsy. I am going to wait maybe a day er 2 then list 1 more on eBay and see what happens with it. I have put the link to my shop at the side of the page ------------>
I will also be adding a link to my eBay there.... hopefully before your reading this.. but with computers and such you never know... :P

Well... OOHHHHHH I remember what I forgot about yesterday! I got some fabric from a friend! Yes, a few boxes... think I should take pics and share... I have to go through it and see what I can do with what... and so forth! Thank you again!!!! BTW.

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