Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Weather and Such...

Well, Today has proven a mixed bag. Not odd for Saskatchewan mind you. We have had the clouds hang about and be dreary, we have had rain, we have had snow to the point of it collecting on the ground. It's been windy and calm. Just been an icky day all round.Above is wet and icky. Bellow is the view out my window. Not sure if we had rain or snow at that point. I sure hope, the weather has gotten this out of it's system so it will be nice for the goblins and ghosts who go around tomorrow!

These are some neato, transparent letter beads I bought in Walmart. I got them thinking my friend whom does the wonderful stitch markers could do me up a neato set! Won't they be fun?????? Now, these were some glass beads I am also going to pass on to my friend.... I think she can still put them to use... I was thinking they would be used with the other beads but didn't have my head on straight as smaller beads will go with them... silly girl am I! I hope she likes them... they are still fun beads.
As for my day, I spent it, being a bum. I did the dishes. Walked for the mail. Vacuumed. Worked a little on my scarf... now that is the pic I forgot to take... I need to finish it...So, going back to work on the darn thing... I am liking it though... It's looking good. Just my patience thing... Long and boring doing row after row of a ribbed scarf. Oh well, I know the recipient of it will love it, and that is what matters.

So, TTYL, hopefully with scarf pics.

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