Wednesday, November 21, 2007

More Sewing

Well, are you all sick of my sewing yet? If not here is some more.... If so... well... I am knitting too.... just the socks are very fine yarn and are taking a bit of time..... So, I leave ya with the sewing.....

PJ pants, for Christmas gifts. I love sewing them... And I know a couple boys whom love receiving them! :) Can't tell ya who they are for though... suspense and all....

As for the rest of life? Well, we watched Chuck and Larry the other night, it was pretty good for a chuckle. We watched a few episodes from the second season of Criminal Minds today, love the show. Had to watch the new episode tonight!!! Very good!!!!!! Enjoyed Private Practice too as much as Hubby was dying for it to be over to find out what happened in Criminal minds tonight! LOL All I can tell ya is, Damn good episode.

Talk to you all later!

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