Friday, November 02, 2007

I don't know where to start this one!

Ok, So this is what we woke up to this morning. Nah, it's not that its cold. If I had a coat on, It would be a beautiful (winter) day! When I took the 2 pictures... it was still snowing. It has tapered down now... but, I am guessing it will snow on and off all day! I want to make a trip to Wadena today... but, not certain I want to go... as it isn't pressing. And it may just be a better day to stay in and sew....
I had my wonderful friend make the trip to visit yesterday! And see, She turned those pretty little beads into these awesome stitch markers....... Now I want to knit a pair of Patterned socks or something! sooooo bad!!! You know... to put them to good use! I love them! Thank you again girlie!
My close up isn't that great... but it's decent. Hope you enjoy... I don't know if she is going to make more fun coloured ones or not... but her regular ones and her stitch markers are beautifully crafted. Check them out!
I saw that she also has some really neat looking ornament hangers there..... Very neat. Now, Above and Below are pictures of the Scarf in Progress. It is getting there. I would have shown a pic of me wearing it... but, if you saw my hair this morning.... LOL you would never come back to visit!!! LOL
Otherwise, the scarf is still in progress. I have a little set that I want to whip up yet. I have finished cutting out all of my sewing. So all I have to do is get busy sewing it! And like I said... maybe today is the day... LOL
James is off to the tire shop again today. He messaged me saying he was going to have a crazy day today because of the snow. I agree. November 2nd. Its time for the winter tires. Ah well, Hope he has a good day anyways....
And I am off an running.... Will Catchya's all later!!!

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