Saturday, November 03, 2007

Goodmornin and last night...

Yeah, I did the usual. Grabbed my bowl of Plain Cheerios and added the Fruity Cheerios(have you tried them? real fruit flavouring YUMMY) on top and of course one cannot forget the milk. Came to the computer and caught up on any blogs that were updated. Since yesterday... LOL. Now, I eat my cheerios and make the rounds to all the blogs checking out whats going on around. I see lots of beautiful yarns... Drool.. Drool.. I love the pics of this beautiful stuff! So fun. I love the stories of everyday life. I comment when I can relate. We are coming up on a Provincial election next week. So I could totally relate to the picture that Deb- My Knitting Escapades posted, of the honey wagon that may be carrying political promises. LOL that was a good one. And of Course Cass, with her contest also has lots else going on... always fun to read. Needles on Fire posted a bunch of "L" pictures, and they are beautifully fun! The WestCoastDiva, had a video of guys using the word dude too much, funny and bad!!

I did my reading and now come home to my blog to do my posting. I am hoping I can do some more sewing today. I do have some dishes to wash... maybe some cloths... but I think sewing is in the picture. I have to trim the bottom of the vest I am working on... as I believe I must have been drunk when I cut it... which is really funny because I don't drink... but.. It will still be great. I need to do that then armholes... and tack the neck down. Then I am done that vest. I then have 2 pairs of Jammie pants to sew/serge in the same colours.. so figured I would do that and change just the needle in my sewing machine rather than switch the serger and sewing machine threads over to do the other vest, just to have to switch them back again. Makes sense right? I think so... needle is much easier to change than serger thread... LOL Speaking of sergers as I ramble on and on and on... I was trying to thread my lovely serger that hasn't given me an ounce of grief. And I threaded it... tried it... broken thread... threaded.. tried... broken.. threaded.. tried... broken! well what the fruck... LOL on closer inspection... my presser foot popped off, so it wasn't giving any pressure. Thread, put the presser foot on correct again... Victory! And I was just starting to think that I really should walk away from the machines for the day! So, then I sewed up that vest as above. Serged the sides of the legs on the 2 pair of jammie pants as well as the crotches. So I can start putting them together the minute my vest is complete.

I also did some knitting on my scarf... it's taking forever.... but I am getting much closer to a winner! :) I still like it, it still has not flown across the room! All is good with the scarf. :)

I also heard yesterday that my neighbour, did indeed pass away. He was ill for a long time. We now wonder what the family is going to do with the place next door... But, I suppose we shall see in good time.

Anyhow... I should be off and running to get my sewing and stuff done. I hope! LOL

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