Thursday, November 08, 2007

Been Busy, Can ya tell?

I finished those 2 pair of pants that were WIP for a couple days, sitting there on my table without waist and leg hems. I have posted a pic of the pants and then a close up of the fabric. Thought it would be more fun if you knew what the heck was riding across their butts!
This pair is for my BIL.

This pair is for My Nephew.
This, is the second vest I was telling you all about having to get to.... I got to it yesterday... Turned out all right... I thinks.
This is the Birthday package, BIL will receive.
This is the mitten to the set. The one I have done that goes with the neck warmer and the toque. Whatcha think? I think it's fun!
This is the table beside my living room chair in it's current glory! See, the mitten there on the needles? I had to wind a new ball of grey so that I can carry on from that point.... I was hoping one ball would make it... but apparently not! LOL
Cass, had an unfortunate incident with her knitting bag yesterday... well in yesterday's post anyways. And she was asking about Knitting bags. I haven't got a knitting bag. I have a knitting basket. It is in sore need of re-covering and lining but, it was my great grandma's. So, it feels like it should stay how it is... I know that may sound weird er something but, I just have this " I want to cover it, but it was Granny's" feeling. Anyways! I took pics so you all could see.
This is the pic with all the stuff in it. Yes there is a lot of stuff:
-Susan Bates Peg it counter
-Ziplock bag with stitch marker's and knitting abacus(bracelet)
-Boyle plastic box of clippy stitch marker's
-DPN needle holder(rolled up)
-Fiskar's Snips-Plastic Stitch guide/ needle sizer
-Note book (with all my projects recorded in it)
-Stuffed in the note book, a page on how to graft, in case I am having a blank moment when I need to.
-A pen clipped to the side of the basket for writing in above book
-Sticky Notes-Large and small for pattern notes
-Measuring tape
- 3 circular needles for doing a pair of socks at a time, and 1 that is just a little too short for that method
-1 pair of sockie point protectors
-2 crochet hooks (sometimes my whole set)
-one of those set on your needle and twist it to count your rows, row counter
-2 stitch holders
-1 Gauge Wizard (magnifies so you can count your stitches easier)
-2 ugly plastic stitch markers
-the broken end of the cord to my Denise Needle I bust the cable on
-Polident tablets. Yes for my hubby in case we forget to pack them in the suitcase..
OOH and I forgot the 2 Yarn needles that I stick in the top there... see? for tucking in ends.
Above is my lovely little basket in it's usual home. Below is how easy it folds up to travel. Of course I wouldn't take it to the mall or coffee shop, I need a bag for that.. Yes NEED a bag. But it works great for our travels. To mom's house to work in the various hotels.. you know...
So, that's it for now. What's in your knitting bag/basket?


calcrochetnut said...

In my basket???hmmmm I have too many, I am now adding plastic drawers to separate my WIP and then keep my one bag out by the couch. It is actually a bag I made and then I have an older one like yours that my mom made upstairs when I watch TV up there cause DH likes to watch the news and I like Lifetime...

Gill said...

How I envy your organisation! You may have shamed me into tidying up my knitting corner. Love the knitting bag. Great mittens too.

Dandy said...

with all your sewing skills, you could make a great knitting bag!!

Anonymous said...

Hello. Love the knitting bag. Wondering if you did the new fabric on it! If so where did you find the pattern. I have one and would like to recover it. Thanks a bunch!!