Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Rain, bin's, socks...... OOOH Pirates!!!!!

Well, Dammit. More rain. Who is doing that rain dance? I SAID "WHO IS DOING THAT RAIN DANCE?" Talk about frustrating. We are down to 3 bins here. You hear that. 3 to build, and well 3 to spin(take off the cone turn it so the man hole is on the other side). We can't get to them damn bins in this lovely rain though.... well tomorrow supposed to rain too.... buggers, well I suppose we can hope we get beautiful weather after that!!! I hope!

Anyways, beyond the bins. I am working on that sock. I am almost done the foot. 6 more Rows to the toe. I need to find a good toe up pattern. I wanna try the magic loop method... see how that goes. Eventually!! LOL I have never made toe up socks but am sure I could do it!

We went on Sunday to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3! It was great!! The effects, the make-up, the story! Beautiful. I could go see it again!! Damn it was good :)

So now to tell the rest of the story. We went to see Pirates with a friend :) and we ended up there very early. So we pre-bought the tickets and the choice was to go to the casino(never seen the Moose Jaw casino b4) or go to Blockbuster and see what was up on the previously viewed wall. So, we went to the casino. We all managed to win some. Not big sums but enough to make ya happy, and head for the door. It was a good stop. Then off to the movie! Good thing we bought our tickets early as it was sold out!! yes sold out. So, we went to the casino saw it and then saw the movie, went to Moose Jaw's 24 Hr Tim Horton's(that by the way doesn't say anywheres on the sign that it is open 24-7), had a coffee :) and then back to the hotel.... It was a good movie... :) and hey, looks to be a few more good ones coming too.....

Ah well, was good time had by all us 3.

Monday, put one bin on a cone, built another, split the sheets and taped for the next. And today, rain, work on my sock. Now when the rain goes away, we are ready for the next bin. til then, back to that sock! Then onto a pair of socks for an uncle of mine :)

Catch ya later, my socks are calling!!

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