Monday, May 07, 2007

Was off to Moose Jaw today.

Well, Managed a trip into Moose Jaw today. I had to pick up a ball of yarn at Karen's Button's and Bows! I of course ran out of yarn 10 rows and a toe from finished!!! A friend had sent me the ball and I was certain I could squeeze a small pair of socks out of it! LOL Well, Almost! Now baby socks would have been fine! So, they had the colour I needed, which nobody else had as it is discontinued! So, now I have the ball of yarn!! I can finish the socks! Hooray!!! I think I might do that tonight .. . get them done!! I love the gal in the store today too, she is sooo fun!! So, Sis was with me, and piped up and asked about circulars for the magic loop socks!! Hooray she remembered!!! so Now I have a 2.75mm by 60cm and a 3mm by 60cm to try that method with. Might be handier for traveling as it' s on one circular needle rather than the 4 double points!! 2 Jabbing sharp ends rather than the 8 that come the other way. So, we shall see how I like it! *thinking I can switch the socks I started over!!

*sighs* So, we hunted around for a few other things... needed some drill bits and a drill for work... so picked them up. James needed a new CD player for the truck... his was skipping all nasty!! so picked one of them up. Took my sis for lunch, well I drove, she bought! Thanks again!! and we did some wandering around .. . had something to hunt for and wasn't having much luck.. found it though! so we are all good! *smiles*

Well James is building roofs by himself, I really should head over and help him finish up ... soon as I find my socks and take a trip down the hall :P

Catch you all later!!

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