Saturday, May 12, 2007

Gardening, Knitting and work

Hey all,
We made a quick trip home to do laundry. So here I am. LOL I am now trying to figure out what to put in the garden. It is of course May 12... course you know that... and the garden should go in around the long weekend... Carrots I know. Beets maybe couple smaller rows. Turnips... might just pass this year(last years is still in the freezer). Peas, then hope to hell I make it back in time to pick um... maybe just a little bit of peas... I would love to do chard and spinach, but will definitely not be around enough to pick them on time. No lettuce or radish. I would like to plant some Kohlrabi ... it's a nice treat. Tomatoes would be nice too... cabbage . . . I tried Leeks last year and they grew not bad, but they were full of spots and such so I didn't eat them... never know so better not to. Same as with my Celery. *shrugs* so I think I will pass on both of them. Any ideas and suggestions? Remember I plant and run so, what gets planted has to be hearty. :P

*yawns* I was up to late last night doing the laundry and dishes, so that we could leave early early should that end up being the plan. James is out at the farm now, course he might be on his way home now too who knows.... Dad was having some trouble with the trucks... OI not getting into it. But James wanted to ask him if it made more sense to stay and put the crop in and then go back to build the bins or what... so we shall see. Makes sense in our eyes, because there isn't a trip up to Outlook with the crane and then home without it, it would be finish and go up with the crane. Less miles the better with the price of gas!!

And, I feel like my knitting has gone to shit. Sorry for the language. I started the Austermann sock like 3 times. I just tore it out again last night as my needles were too big and my stitches too loose so my heel turn looked like lace, and that is nasty!! so I ripped it out and gave up on it for now . .. I love the wool so it will call me back with smaller needles. Also, trying out that Cascade Fixation .. . I think my needles are too small because my ribbing isn't ribbing like it should ... so, bigger needles for it... cast on #3 for it. Ah well. . . So be it!! Maybe I should be changing course and knitting something else ... . for a bit... but I am gonna give these socks another go . .. or two .. . LOL I will get a pair of socks out of that yarn one way er another!! LOL

Anyhow, got breakfast to make and eat for me and then dishes to do again from breakfast .. . . so, I guess I should get my ass in gear . ...

Here is hoping the wind goes away for a few days so we can finish them Bins!!



MamaMooK13 said...

Thanks for posting on my blog. I used to have a blog on blogger, but found it hard to navigate. Hopefully, I can start blogging again soon - I am a teacher and hope to have more time when school is out in 2 weeks!!

TricsH said...

askGreat to hear how you are doing!
So was it decided? Are you going to Outlook or farming?
Talk toyou soon :)