Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Blowing Like ....

I want to say blowing like hell but, hell burns, not sure if it blows! LOL Seems around here, 30 to 70km winds are the norm. We get more wind here than anything else. Makes putting them bins up . .. . lets say sporadic. As you don't want a 18 foot diameter bin swinging too much. A little bit of the bin waltz is OK . .. but a lot gets to be dangerous. Might take off to the city today. James was asking when I was leaving. Need some things for the weekend . . . and well James builds roofs pretty well on his own, I am not a big fan of building roofs but do them when I need to. . .. Course I really don't mind the 15 foot roofs. Just the 18's I have a hard time reaching. .. my girls . .. if you know what I mean, get in the way of putting in some of them, there bolts. *sighs* so might skip wing night and head into the city . . . still debating. .. think I will call mom. See what she says! LOL Driving in this wind isn't terrible.. . My little car doesn't seem to catch the wind the way a lot of other vehicles do ... go figure. Short and small cars are good for something . .. and gas mileage! With the way gas keeps going up . . . damn good little car of mine . .. ah well, long as she survives these lovely highways huh?
Well off and running,
Catchya laters!

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