Monday, May 14, 2007

Mom's day, Mother's day, and the day after?

Ok, so here is one of the socks I gave my mom. I know this pic shows it in progress. I am hoping that in my good sense I took a pic of them done and it's on the camera, which is not here, at home but in Tugaske. I also made one other pair, the pair that I hunted for the second ball for! and did find and finish. I have another pair in progress, that I have to finish and take pics of the flaws and send to the company that made the yarn. . . and then carry on from there. So, Mom on her Birthday, which was also Mother's day, from me, received . ..LOL 2 pairs of finished socks, one pair unfinished(one done but not tucked in and the other still on the needles, and are still on the needles .. . LOL) in an unwrapped box, because when I went to the car to get it, it was raining and I had not yet wrapped it. So, unfinished, unwrapped, card in Tugaske LOL she received her gift, sort of! She still loved them. Only my mom ya know? LOL she is looking forward to the ones I have to finish though. Next time I see her she will get them!! LOL And hopefully her card... LOL

The whole thing was that we were not going to the city. We were going to Tugaske to work. As it turned out we spent more time at home to do laundry than expected. And I managed to Talk James into going to the city, because he had some things to pick up, as did I, and that we could grab those and supper at aunti's and be on our way to Tug. Well. We got there late, so, made one of our stops, unsuccessfully. Then went to Aunti's where everyone was feeling fine, had supper. it rained. Everyone went home, we went to mom and dad's to see the sewing desk(Looks awesome dad). Spent the night cuz it was lateish and it was raining and figured it would be raining in Tug too. Then, we did our running in the morning then came home to do some things that were not planned b4.

So, tomorrow we go to Tug to get back to those damn bins(hope that weather co-operates!!). I hope to upload more pictures for you all.

Catchya all again soon, (hopefully with them pics I keep promising!!) LOL

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