Friday, May 25, 2007

Birthday, work and such!

Well, I had a good birthday yesterday. Another year older. *sighs* But I did get to go into the city to spend it with my mom, on the way through Moose Jaw I picked up my sis!! So the 3 of us had a good time. We went to my nephew's concert on Wednesday night! The band is good. Then, Thursday we did some running around . . . had some ice cream cake, well one of them Dairy Queen Log - has more yummy fudgy stuff in the middle, than the cake and we like fudgy stuff in the cakes :) Mom spoiled me, gave me cloths, yarn, embroidery thread.... all the good stuff....

We had a good day to work today too. We got 2 bins up on cones, one ready to build in the morning then we should be building a couple more tomorrow.

So we are on our way to finishing up. Sounds like we will be making a trip home between this job and Outlook. I will take the long way though the city cuz I have some things to pick up from my Sis for a friend. And then I get a little visit with my momma (long as its during the week cuz she be camping all the time now! LOL)

Well, I am off to bed as we are hoping for an early start tomorrow!
Catchya all later!

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