Saturday, May 05, 2007

In the City.

Yeah that horrible windy day I took off to the city. James sat and waited for the wind to stop so he could build the roofs but, It blew and blew. The next day it rained and was still windy. So, James has had some down time while I been in the city. Good thing he packed his game . . .

So I am in the city. I ran out of yarn for mom's socks. I need just a tease more yarn to finish the foot and toe(10R on the foot then the toe decrease). Nasty. I will show you pictures later.

We have been doing the shopping thing while I have been here. We looked in all the Walmart's at the sales rack(Sis likes to haunt them, cuz you get damn good deals on good cloths). We went for lunch(Montana's one day and Joey's the next). Mom said Montana's was our birthday lunch so, Joey's was hers! LOL Damn it was good both days!!

Now, I went to the pet store with Sis, as she wanted to see about rabbit hutches for the indoors, or I suppose they are cages when they are inside. So, here we are in a pet store. They have baby kitties. ... oooh how I would love one .. .. makes a house feel more like a home when you always have someone to come home to, and it's different than a spouse you are coming home with. James even noticed it was really odd to come home without Py telling us about everything that happened while we were away. Anyways, I am there looking at the kittens, beautiful babies .... would have loved to take one home . . but, anyways, I look down the row and there is one of the cages/kennel thing windows that sticks out, and there are these green eyes starring at me. Py like eyes. This calico kitty, in the big cage was starring down the row at me. She was beautiful. Made me miss my Py. So, the lady that I am guessing looks after the kitties, starts talking about this "Mia" calico cat. I nodded politely and told her I had, had a calico. And then I carried on with Sis round the store. :) Nice shop. Seemed to have high prices but, brands and all that play in, so figure I am out of the pet loop right now.

So today I am hoping for a stop at the yarn shop, or 2 .. . gonna dream, dream big eh? LOL

Off and running, Catch you later,

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