Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Pictures as promised.....

Bin AlleyMom's Pretty Cascade Fixation Socks
Mom's Candy Kisses Kroy 4 Socks

Circular Needles for trying Magic Loop socks
Current Work in Progressand I think I forgot to tell you all about this little boo boo.... LOL . .. May 10 building roofs, I had a fight with the punch. I was using the punch to line up the holes and well, the punch slipped out of the hole I was using to pull and thwapped me pretty good in the head. In fact, James said "I never seen the punch cut before." LOL Its healed up now, but still feels bruised... only hurts if you push on it.... LOL so, I try not to!! ROTFLMAO One needs to be more careful with them punches!! They can be nasty..... :) So now I make sure I am pushing down and pulling back... much better!!

Well, hope you enjoy the pics! Catchya's again soon!!

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