Sunday, June 03, 2007

Tugaske is done!!

Baby Robin's in a bucket on the Hopper cone leg!

Outlook Bin Parts

So, I have been Slacking! We finished in the Yard on Friday!!! WOOOOOWHOOOOO!!!! Then yesterday we spun the 2 bins for the one guy. We were going to do the other as well, but he still had grain in the bottom of the bin... so, no spin for him. Not til we come back to do it anyways! So, we are officially done Tugaske!! Yesterday we took the crane up to Outlook. LOL There are cones every wheres! But, that happens. At least all the bin parts are together!! Now we are back to Tug. We are going to leave tomorrow for home. ahhh home....... I actually still remember that place!!! LOL We might go out to the lake today after breakfast, but we shall see.... I have some neat pics too.......... Birdies in a bucket they put stiffener shims in, all nested in, its neat, here in Tug. Then I have pics of the bins in pieces, in Outlook. I have packing to do tooo!!!!

So, talk to you all later,

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