Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I did manage to get the garden in Yesterday(Tuesday). We planted, carrots, beets, turnips, cucumber, zucchini, Kohl Rabi and some potato hills. Figured this stuff was pretty safe with it being plant it and forget it safe. I would love some Tomato plants and some cabbage yet but... we will see how that goes. Might get some might not.

We designated a 25 x 30 foot space as the garden in the back yard... Going to edge it and then make a smaller one for transplanting maybe... we will see.

So, we went to the farm yesterday, came home, planted garden and then headed here to Tugaske. We have spent way too much time in the car the last few days.... Nice to be here to work. Mind you we were so tired from traveling that we slept in. Then after lunch James didn't feel so hot and the wind was picking up so... didn't get much done today either. I went on my own and put some support tubes on the roofs we built. So now they need tightened and then we can carry on! All good.

Tonight is wing night... sounds kinda busy downstairs, not crazy but busy enough. :) Always good for the Hotel:)

So, off and running sorry no pics again.... Mom, I need a picture of the 2 pair of socks you did get! LOL cuz I have but not finished!! thank ya!

Talk to you all later!

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