Sunday, November 07, 2010

If this is terrible 2 I guess I'll take it....

We had a fabulous gymnastics class today.  Gwyn did fairly well. I only had to chase her a few times... LOL She was tired though, not sure if it helped or hindered. I am sure this was probably the best class we have had yet.

And ok. Now as to the title. We have just come through a section of time, where I know Gwyn has understood what I have been saying, though she has chosen not to listen.  She would run off and do her own thing and whatever.  Now... she has amazed me a couple times. Yesterday she wanted a nap. I know because she brings me her blankie(this is the signal I am ready for my drink o'warm milk and my nap mom). She had a puzzle out and scattered on the floor and the TV on. I told her she should pick up her puzzle and turn off the TV first! And she went and put all the puzzle pieces in the puzzle then went and turned off the TV. I then said she should take her puzzle off the floor. So she picked it up and put it on the couch. Pretty awesome if you ask me. So over she came and went down for her nap!! Wonderful!!  LOl when she got up from her nap she brought both her fuzzy bunnies out.... LOL too too cute!!!

So now, back to where I started. She is listening sometimes now!! Fantastic!  I love it!  Friday, we were going to town and she ran off the back step and I though she was going to head for her swing set. No, she actually ran around the van until she found her door and stopped. I swear I couldn't believe it!  Course we had backed in, and while she was out of site my heart was in my throat, but I think that's just a OMG I can't see my girl, mommy thing. I was certain she was going straight for the mud!! LOL

Hmm... what else to tell you? She finally is up to 23lbs!! on our scale.  And she is 33 1/4 tall.. maybe even a half by now. . she is a growing girl... 2 weeks and 2 days until she is 2. Hmm.. maybe that's why our day was soo good??? The 2's are with us? LOL

Anyhow... Will see about pictures later. James is sure plugging in the camera card is disconnecting his net. So, we shall see as I have not yet plugged the damn thing in today.....

TTYL - I have rambled enough.

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Miss Em said...

Yes, I would say you are doing OK if that is terrible 2's. My guess is that she has some rebellion in her yet! =) The chore chart is going OK. She doesn't really get the concept but loves to play with the magnets. If anything is has motivated me and daddy to get her to brush her teeth. Cleaning up is not her specialty. HA!