Thursday, November 11, 2010

The day after the snowy day....

Today we started with some indoor sports... Just hanging around. Playing.. taking some pics... will work better at night, or when the clouds and outside are much darker.

 I tried to put her down for a nappy.. she went to sleep.. but the minute I put her down.. she cried.. so today.. she was clinging... She was missing daddy something terrible I think. So, after her nap, the temp wasn't too bad so, I took her outside to play in the snow. The temp was hovering around -1 to -2 cel. With the windchill it was more like -5 to -7cel. Still not bad for a trip out to play :)
Gwyn did a lot of laying in the snow... she was having trouble walking in it.

James had wondered over to the center of that neighboring yard to measure how deep the snow was.. It was 10 inches.

Lots snow on top of the BBQ

My angel and the snow angel we made.

Walking in the truck tracks.

Wanting a slide....
Giving up on walking in the snow...

I so wanna swing momma!!
  Gwyn wanted to go for a swing.. I didn't think I could get the ice out of the bottom of the swing and didn't want to make out that she might get a swing.... so, I left it at the swing was full of snow!! She did go for a slide.. and let me tell you that was the fastest slide she ever had!!! It was iced and she went flying down! Good thing for the snow!! LOL

I'll shovel momma! If I could just get a good grip on it!!
  She wanted to shovel... but we had a bit of trouble grabbing it. She was having trouble all over. The snow in places was so deep she had trouble walking. Her snow pants are shortish and rode up over her boots even with the elastic cuffs. Her jacket was short in the body and rode up at one point to let snow into her snow pants. Her sleeves were a wee bit short and her mittens kept coming untucked so her little wrists were hanging out. So her sleeves were working up and her mittens falling off.. Mind you she did do some pulling off of mitten's when she was frustrated she couldn't hold something or she wanted to touch the snow.. She did a bit of snow touching :)  When she was tired of trying to wander around and cold she wanted to get in the van. I told her no we were not going anywhere and she got upset. I told her daddy would be home soon though she still wanted to go and did not want to come in the house.. mind you, that handy dandy bag of cheesies from  her Halloween candy worked wonders to ease her pain..  :)

All in all we had a good day. Gwyn had some fun outside. WE got some fresh air! All good :)

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