Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Been busy...Town, City, Birthday... Oh My!

Well, lets see... after I last posted I went to Wadena with a sample and did that running. I also stopped at a friends house for tea. Gwyn was comfortable there. She reminded this friend how busy toddlers of 2 are! LOL I enjoyed the tea and look forward to doing it again soon!

We went to the city on Tuesday rather than Wednesday as the weather was more favorable.  So, Monday was a very busy day.. and Tuesday even more so.. I so hate the packing and unpacking of big trips. I don't know so much that it is the packing or the worrying that you forgot something.. something important. Though you would think by now.. I should be over that. How many times have I packed up to go who knows where?  More times than enough.. and I must say though that with Gwyn getting older it is getting somewhat easier. Though... shame on me.. I did forget James toothbrushes... Something I thought I would leave to him and he thought I would just automatically pack... oops.

Learning how to use Grandma's Camera!
We had a good trip to the city. Big shopping trip to Costco. I like shopping there. Though it makes packing up to come home more interesting.  We also did some side trips for shopping. Grandma came with and we went to Old Navy, love their kiddie cloths. Grandma bought her a couple outfits there and some leggings. She looks very sweet in the tops Grandma bought her. 

Playing with Potsi from Auntie and Uncle D.

On the 18th, we had her birthday party for the city family.  Her great auntie N and great uncle W came  over earlier in the day so we could have a good visit.  Then in the afternoon we had a doctors appointment. Then in the evening we had her cake, after supper.  We had great grandma K, Auntie N, cousin R, Auntie W, Grandma and pa K, and her daddy and I. Was a nice visit and great fun. Gwyn loved opening her presents and playing with her cousin.

The doctor trip turned out funny. The doc and the nurse said 1st year? LOL no, 2nd... they couldn't believe she is 2 either!!! She is 34.5 inches tall, and she is 22.5lbs. I couldn't believe she is so tall! But she is. Wow.

So after all that we came home on Sunday.

Tuesday we had a present to open as it was Gwyn's for real birthday. I think it made her wonder where the rest of her party was... I don't think she realized that the rest is coming on Saturday. She wouldn't nap until late. I also made my holiday rice krispie squares for the bake sale in Kelvington this weekend. I made extra for James and for Gwyn's party on Saturday. 

City Cake - They are almost identical
LOL we had ice cream cake in Regina, and we brought an ice cream cake home with us from the city for Saturday. MMM mmm  Gwyn likes her ice cream cake.

All the makin's of a Granny my girl.. Likes to feed everyone!!!

And she will even help you clean up after a botched attempt!
Outfit from Great Auntie and Uncle.
 And I have been picking away at cleaning up this and that. Anyone coming to the party this weekend.. Please excuse my mess.... 7 years of drop and run, 1 year of that, at home with a busy toddler.. does not equal a house recovered. It still looks like a drop and run house..  But, we live here, and its dusty, but my girl is mostly happy and so are we... so I guess.. that is what matters.  What's that saying? "A house is not a home unless you can write I love you in the dust." I also like the one that a friend told me, "Don't clean before they come, clean when they leave."  So, again... come visit us.. but turn a blind eye on the state of the house... I try but sometimes it gets me nowhere....
Playing with her Little People From Grandma
Loving some time with daddy.
So far the best I can do with the train set from Great auntie, the set from Mommy and Daddy, and the fill in from Grandma and grandpa. I think I may need more short corners...

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