Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gwyn's Party!

 We had a nice little gathering for Gwyn's birthday here at home.  She had a couple friends come and play for a couple hours. We have a very yummy ice cream cake!! And I still have plenty left over.. I do think I will be taking some for her Grandma and Grandpa to the farm... maybe a couple pieces over to her friend that was sick.. and most definitely a few pieces to her cousins that we are going to see next weekend.  Preeceville is doing a skate with Santa, and I think as long as we find Gwyn the proper attire we will take her. It sounds like great fun.  Speaking of great fun. The weather has been beautiful!!! Absolutely fantastic!! So, I had Gwyn outside day before yesterday. It was -2cel. and gorgeous. So she had a swing... a play in the snow.. and a toboggan ride!! Was great.  I didn't have time yesterday to get her outside.. though she very much enjoyed playing with her friends.  I think we both look forward to when they can come play again.  It was good for her to have to share her toys with someone else(other than family).  She did amazingly well. The only thing she had trouble sharing was the last thing I thought she would.  I got the stroller out for her little friend to play with because her momma had stepped out for a moment and I thought it would distract her as she shows to be more maternal that Gwyn.  WELL, Gwyn never plays with the little stroller and doll but they were having it out over it. They did however settle and take turns. Which was good. So they had a great play, ate cake and all the good stuff. 
Today, is promising to be a busy one.  I am off to Wadena to clean equipment for Gymnastics.  And after that, rather than make 2 trips to Wadena in one day we are off to Yorkton.  The weather is fair and should be a good time to make the trip. No sun.. but the clouds keep it warmer so I won't complain.

Well I should be off... things to do... Catch you all later....

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