Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Picture Update... Been a couple days... so here you go...

Hangin' out under the computer desk

Doing puzzle

Enjoying my blanket fort, both under and over!

Colouring, I love to colour!!

Gwyn wants a car that runs on bubbles!

Peek a BOO!!!

Mom's attempting to Home portrait. Love this one! Though needs some adjustments to how...

Overnight winter.
 It snowed last night, we woke up to winter. It snowed all day!!!!!! I mean all day!! Pics of that tomorrow. James needed to get the tractor and disk back to the farm... so we went out in that... I followed the tractor to the farm... And James drove home.. The roads were thick.. but passable.

My new cookie sheets
I am right pissed off with the Teflon coated crap they sell. My cabbage roll pans are in the garbage.. and most of my Teflon cookie sheets. I hate cooking to remove the food and find Teflon attached to the food! You work that hard to prepare food and then it's ruined. So, my amazing, wonderful husband, went to Amazon and ordered me these fantastic sheets!! They are expensive.. but I tried them out today.. would say long as they last they are worth every penny. I do have to register them.. for the lifetime warranty!!! Which is fantastic. They are heavy though.. but love them so far...

Getting ready to try out my new sheets!

Chocolate chocolate chip cookies

CCC cookies after they are cooked.
 I used a wee bit o cooking spray and they slid off there like nothing!! They are fantastic!!

Rider prided herself up. Coloured herself green for you non-rider folks. With Crayola wax crayons.. I don't know how she did it.. but it all washed off in the bath!!

And well.. more pics of the snow tomorrow.. that is all I can promise.. off and running, TTYL

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