Monday, December 17, 2007


Yes I finished those socks. :) Yesterday. I have a close up of the fabric. They are a gift and the person whom is receiving them may be reading this now....

This morning we woke up to no power. Yes in the dark, no power. So, we stayed in bed till the sun was up... Still no power. Getting cold in the house.. so Hubby ran out to get the propane tank for the shop heater he bought and was going to start it up to keep things from freezing... well. he got the tank in the house and the power went on... LOL so, it's good.
Now I have another pair of socks on the needles.. I have yet to decide if they are too big or not... LOL I think I might need a break from socks.... maybe.... then again... LOL
I will finish them up in time for Christmas and all will be well.. I have to run, will catch you all later!!!

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