Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Whats up?

Hey all,

Sorry I haven't said much. I've been busy... LOL Like that is a surprise for all of you, right? Week before last I was setting up an Etsy store! It's a great little place, Love it!! (etsy you know)------------------------------->
see the link?
So, I set up my little shop with goodies I have made, and some that sis has made. And there it was. I got into the forums and attempted the chat. It's good for promoting... Though everyone in there sounded like they knew each other and I do suppose that if you spent enough time in there you would get to know a few people too... which is cool... but I have knitting needed done for Christmas yet! LOL So, that is that. The store is set up, very cool.

Then last week we went to the city. We were waiting for our doors to get finished so we could bring them home, because the week before, we were told they would be ready in the beginning of that week. So there we were in the city, with the truck(good on fuel but not as good as the car... LOL), waiting for these doors. Thursday we find out the doors will not be ready until the beginning of next week because they are behind!!!!! So, we get what we wanted otherwise(filled the truck, so good thing we have to make 2 trips, it all wouldn't have fit in one!), and headed home. My momma of course wanted us to just stay the weekend, and head back when the doors were done... but, Hubby wanted to get some stuff done around here so... we came home.

This week has been quiet and busy. LOL We were going to go to Yorkton Monday but ended up staying home. I badly need a haircut.. and I mean hang in your eyes make you absolutely insane need a hair cut. But it was too late in the day to get a walk in appointment... and when you fly by the seat of your pants... that's what you get.

I made my first Etsy sale on Monday night. A girl who couldn't pass up my low priced mittens. Here I thought I was in the right ball park and then after they sell I found out they are in the cheap park.. Oh well, good experience right? And if the gal couldn't leave them because she loved them and was scared at that price someone else would snaffle them up then it's all good! Least I think so. Tuesday morning I packaged them up, receipt and all. Went down to my lovely post office and was given a number to call about extra papers to let the mittens across the boarder... OI.. Because wool is restricted... so I was told. So I call the number and they tell me, I am not commercial so talk to Canada Post. Frustration is running high now because, CANADA POST TOLD ME TO CALL THEM!!!! So, now I calm down enough to call the 1-800 for Canada post. The girlie there is very helpful, says most things will go through just that it is restricted and that they may take a little longer in customs or they may come back to me. So, down to the post office I went and put them into the mail. Done. I do hope they travel in a timely manner and make it to my wonderful purchaser!!!! I have a friend whom sends full fleeces to the US so I am thinking my lovely mittens should fly through no problemo!

Yesterday, the car had an oil change, Hubby had someone out from crop insurance(trying to figure out the numbers so they added up, we figure mis-measure, but hubby looked again and figures the numbers are right... so we shall see). I worked on my sock. I am getting closer to done sock one of my pair. These are good size socks... for 9.5 to 10 ladies foot... very long foot!! Then I have one pair to do up... yes one pair... and they are small... size 6 ladies... very nice!! LOL So I guess, I should get off to doing them up.

LOL Talk to you all later!!!

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