Saturday, December 01, 2007

The headband

Hey, here is my first attempt at an ear band. Yes I was following a pattern from "The designer One Skein Wonders" and I used a yarn that wasn't thick enough so I got a smaller version of what I wanted than what I wanted... but it still looks ok. So here are the pics of what I have been working on the last couple days. I am in the process of #2 because this one wouldn't work for whom it was meant... so... try try again! The yarn is nice and soft and fuzzy... I think it is acrylic though, I remember my sis touching it at one point and saying it was scratchy so may have a touch of wool in it... It's going to a girlfriends daughter.
This one is a bit fuzzy..
Now, here is the new shed. Here it is. It is up and functioning. It doesn't seal to the ground or anything so... basically will keep the snow off the lawn mower and rototiller this winter.
Works also as a make shift garage when our garage is full and the truck needs a little TLC.
Hubby and I don't recommend this shelter.... unless you have a very very level space tucked in some trees or something.... Oh well. It will do the trick, for now.

Anyways... off an running have things to do and such! Catchya's later!


Deb said...

Nice headband! Looks like it would make a super ear warmer for the -20°C & below temps that are creeping up.
The shed seems very practical for winter storage ... and keeping the backend of the truck tucked away from the snow. ;o)

王菲Star said...
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