Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas... Who said Christmas!!!

Hey, Yeah, K I am down to the heel turn on the last sock. I'm doing good. Would have been done if I hadn't gone to the city today. Let me tell ya, for a little city, it was nuts. No happy cheerful people.. just all them with a grumpy, rushed last minute madness disposition... ahh that's not nice... I must say the minivan that parked beside me brought out some madness... I had to crawl through the car, hitting my head to get in. I knew I had to crawl through or go back into the mall and find the admin office and all that crap to get them to move the van... I didn't do that, I left a note and crawled through.... I mean everyone has a bad time but, when your parking in a lot.. don't ya think ya should leave more than hmm... 3 inches of open door space? I mean, I couldn't get an arm through really!!! SAD. I carried on, got done what I had to and got home to my quiet happy home :) much nicer than that craziness out there... I hope the only stop we make while we are away is at the gas bar's for fuel... and well for friends and family... no shopping!!!! LOL

I will be so glad when I am done this sock... that means I am done all my Christmas shopping and crafting... I could say I am done now but I have this sock... LOL

Gotta run, sock is waiting... well actually bed is waiting!!!
good night all!!

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