Friday, December 28, 2007

As for me......

Spoiled. The only word for it.

I received all this lovely yarn!!!! mmm it's yummy soft and beautiful... now just what to make with it all!!!!

I also received this lovely little creation from my sis..... I love it....

Then there were books and tags ands sewing needles and all sorts of other goodies..... An Italian charm bracelet came in that bunch of goodies too! It has a devil, a sewing machine, a dragon fly, and a xoxo charm on the bracelet... very fun!
Hubby treated me to jewelery, a necklace(late for my birthday he said....), and Earrings!
Oh and what trouble I caused with them earrings...... I wanted to dip them in alcohol to disinfect them before I wore them.... and what did I do? I dropped one down the sink. Now one would think by now I would know to put the damn plug in... but no I forgot. So, Christmas day and dad is pulling his sink apart...... he had to cut the pipe as the trap was glued, not only that, then he found that the damn thing had bigger problems.... So, he spent boxing day repairing the damage done... Not fun. For that I am sorry...... But he did manage to get my earring back!!! Dad's are awesome that way!
So that was my excitement..... well most of it....

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