Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It was a beautiful day for a walk....

Hey, Yes, I was out walking again... I have the sock I was working on worked to the gusset... meaning I am starting the decrease after the heel turn... It is looking good so far... should get it done soon... I hope!! Anyways... was a beautiful day out there.. Nice and crisp, no wind.. well a little breeze but nothing Gail force!!! Here are some pics for you to enjoy!

I just love the way the snow sticks in the trees...very pretty.....(although that evergreen has a mean lean!!)

These poor devils are overloaded with snow!!!
You can see light dusting of snow in the trees behind the yard down the ally.
The end of the road! It looks pretty the way the trees arch and the snow stuck in them here.
The trees in the graveyard had some pretty snow build up too!

Across the fields... somewhat snowy, you can still see the tracks in the dirt under the snow.
These shots make it look a little hazy, and I do suppose it was... but it was still beautiful out!!

And this, tree's with snow stuck on them... the wind having not disturbed them... makes for a beautiful picture... I know... Looks like a bunch of sticks in the snow... but I like it.... :P
Well off to do some dishes and finish up I hope the first of the pair of socks I need to finish!!

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