Saturday, December 15, 2007


Well, I have done well today. Yes I realize it is only 2pm. I am not nuts... least not yet. LOL I got up nice and early(what is it about missing your bed so much in one night and coming home an feeling like your bed is not yours?). Truth is my neck and shoulders were hurting so I had to get up. Hubby was hungry too. So, I got up made him his breaky(egg wrap if your wondering). Then readied my breaky(half and half of regular cheerios and fruity cheerios, very yummy, you should try... got them whole grains in um and taste good). I had a large cup of Green tea. I had breaky, did my dishes up, been working at my laundry. I turned the heel on the sock I am working on. Made lunch. Changed a load of laundry. Ate lunch. Went for a walk from 1:20pm to 2:00pm, 40 minutes. The weather though is it snowing a wee little bit is beautiful!!! I walked out the back door, put on my surefoots(spikes for the icey spots) and headed out the ally. I walked down the ally to the corner, up the street to the gravel, walked up the gravel to the stop sign by the grave yard. I then turned and walked down to the approach past the grave yard(bout mid way on the next field). Turned around walked back. Walked up to Railway Ave, walked down it, to the old Margo Hotel, turned toward SDL and walked back to the street I walked out on, turned walked to the ally and then back into our yard and was home. LOL I know sounds like quite a walk for 40 min. I thought I would have been gone longer but I guess my legs aren't totally useless yet!!! Good thing!!! Felt sooooo good to be out there walking. :) I feel good. I have accomplished a lot in such a little bit of a day so far. :) Now just to turn the heel on them socks and get the foot done up so I can sew up the toe and wrap that gift... then one more pair to go. I have one load of laundry to go in the washer.... good thing I got to the laundry I think we were getting close to going naked.... LOL and that may be more fun indoor sports wise folks but let me tell ya -12cel. with a small wind chill... Neked would be no fun at all!!! None!!!!! :) Well only if you could stay inside. :P

Ok, so that was today. Do we wanna rewind to... say Thurs? Hubby and I were going to the city to pick up a pair of doors we ordered. So, we figured ok. if we went early enough we could treat mom to lunch and then grab the doors and head for home... well.. Weds said the truck needed an alternator, yeah ok. So, thurs AM hubby was going to take truck for said alt. We slept in instead, completely forgetting about the truck. OI. so, I call making a hair appointment cuz I really really really really really needed a haircut, for 2:30pm, should be no problem. HA! that was leaving town at 11:30am..... we got just out of town, hubby remembers the alt. when the truck electrically chokes itself. Whip around getting a wee bit caught in the ditch(couple rocks back and forth to get out), to get back into town to get an alt. I think it was changed in 15min. flat. Then on our way again. Now thinking this stop to pick up fibre at a friends house may not have been the brightest idea around... but make the swap anyways.... make good time on the gravel get to the city 2:25pm. Good thing the mall is right on the edge there where we came into the city. I made it on time. Unfortunately not a great haircut... she thinned it, without cutting it... OI Next time it's back to the gent who does it without fail in a way that looks good and feels good till it grows out!!! Should have known better but it's lighter and it is not in my eyes... so I guess I will live with that!! *sighs* we then did a little shopping, grabbed pizza for supper for Mom and Dad and us. Stayed the night(I did mom's wrapping, and dad's) I love wrapping presents... we had a good visit. Then Friday we did running... bought me 2 nice bra's. Nice new, pretty bra's and I would show you pics but... Don't want any creeps hanging around!! LOL Checked out a book I was looking at... It isn't that great... so, left it there. Went to walmart, Costco, Superstore, Canadian Tire and we still made it out of town by 3;30ish? We picked up our doors and headed for home. Had A&W in Fort Quapelle for supper, then carried on the rest of the way home. Made it home in time to catch the most part of Ghost whisperer and the whole of Moonlight(love the show). And that is about it.

And onto today... speaking of today... my dryer stopped and I have another load to go... LOL Still feeling awesome about my accomplishments today..... :) I am off an running to see what else can get done!! Maybe them sockies!!!


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