Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Good morning, I hope....

Well, it's been crazy. You know you come to the city and run non-stop. It's crazy, but at the same time... it's fun. Yes, call me nuts. I don't care! LOL I love some of the running.. mind you... Best Buy on a Week end in December... probably even in Mid November... I do not recommend. Why? Because there is NO PARKING!! (go during the week, probably daytime! Same with places like Costco) Everyone is all over the place parked like nutcases! Madness!!! We parked at Rona... and walked over... much nicer.. the store was crazy too though... and well... not so bad to navigate it's just those whom park themselves in front of an item for like 1/2 an hour!!!! Buy it or back up just a wee bit? I know... I may be guilty of that too... but, I would like to think I pay attention to those around me and back off when someone wants to read about a product that they have tonnes in stock of. Oh well, that's a rant I'm done with, sorta. It didn't help that I was feeling oozy sick sorta either. But, I've been feeling better the last couple days... was just last week and little bits here and there now. But, I feel much better.

I cast on a sock for my nephew. I haven't finished the head/ear band at home yet... LOL it is needing sewn up. It is getting there... the second attempt I think turned out wonderful... will know better when I get done sewing it! As for the socks... I have the leg, and heel done on one sock. It works up so quick cuz he has small feet!!! LOL Not like his older brother's... YET! LOL

Well, think I am going to run.... have some things to do in the city today. It rained last night! EWWWWW!!! and is now snowing on top of that! Wonderful! you know??

TTYL - Had a nasty headache/migraine last night... still have remnants of it... know how they hang about? So, will catchya later!!!

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Michelle Hipps said...

it snowed??? how nice!
i live in Florida so snow sounds kinda nice right about now....
as they say.."the grass on the other side of the fence is always greener."