Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Happy Holidays!!!!

Good morning, Do you see this? My Christmas Cactus looks to want to bloom for new year's. I think the poor thing is out a week.... but, at least I will be home to enjoy it!!! I hope... if the weather is good... might have to go get that jump on that work... we shall see what the weatherman throws!!!See all them little buds coming? I wasn't sure if they were buds or new growth but they are very round so I am thinking it is buds for those beautiful flowers.... :)
In spirit of Christmas... we didn't get a tree. We have a small space and tend to spend Christmas at mom and dad's anyways.... so, I know... I know... we don't set up a tree, we enjoy mom and dad's. So this year, here is my tree. LOL Not all my presents fit under it considering most of the gifts already migrated to the city!!!! LOL and these will migrate with us too.
Well, HOOORAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finished my last pair of socks. Here, you see a photo, that by the looks is a little blurry. It shows the pattern. I will show pictures later. I already wrapped them or I would take a better closeup this morning, as that one was taken late last night. Feels good to be done.... with a few day's to spare!
I hope all your holiday crafting and planning is coming together!!!
Happy Christmas and Merry New years!
(I am betting I will be back to post again, before the holidays are over.... maybe even before the day is over!! LOL)

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Gill said...

Have a lovely Christmas! I envy you your snow :)