Sunday, September 30, 2007

Work, Work, Combine and Work....

These Pics are of the Grain Vault we put up.... (yesterday we combined...Friday we finished....) This was our Thursday, Friday Job. It was an 18'05 Grain Vault(18 foot diameter, 5 rings high). This pic is a shot of the tractor(cutest little thing) and the crane after we pulled it out of the bin. Notice how blue and beautiful the sky is? It was a gorgeous day to be outside, except for the wind!!! (swinging bin... not fun, but we managed to finish) on Friday, If I remember right... Thursday wasn't all that bad either but had a chilly wind. This tractor was beautiful to drive. Nice and easy, and not overly huge! It was really cool it had Hydraulic oil levers so you could turn the hydraulic flow up and down like a John Deere(still not as fast but at least it had the levers to adjust it a bit). So the crane went up and down fairly quick.

Here is that bin all done up. Just needing to pack up the truck , put down the crane down, hook up to the truck and ready to go.

Then yesterday, Saturday, Was absolutely beautiful. It was windy, but the temperature was nice(20 some deg.cel. I think). So, Hubby and his dad were combining. I stayed at the house and visited with mom for a bit... then I went and rode in the truck with Hubby. Some, nice one on one with no knitting, no video games, no computer and no bins(except the trip to dump the truck). Was nice. I got to see what a bit of a challenge driving the grain truck can be.... be it switching from High to low gear in the field or finding your way back to the track you made to get out of the field in the dark. There were 2 other guys out on adjacent quarters, so, until it rained we had those lights as reference where north was. After it started raining... it wasn't too long we had to stop.... WE REALLY DIDN'T NEED ANY RAIN!!!! Dammit. We still have our Oats and Barley to come off! Though last night almost finished dad's oats, which was good, but, had the rain stayed away!!! Dad could have finished.

Today, well we were supposed to start a 22'08 flat bottom Twister yesterday. I don't know if it's on today's agenda or if Hubby has other plans... we shall see...

Off and running... ooh wait!!! I forgot the socks... I have a pretty good foot on them now... just about ready for the heel. I will keep you posted on how the heel goes. Sorry, no pics but figured you could imagine the toe's about 7 inches long. Can't ya?

Now I am off and running! Talk to you all later!

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