Sunday, September 23, 2007

OK, I'm nuts.

Hey, I decided I needed to try toe up socks. Of course I wanted to try the Magic loop method which is a circular needle, on needle. Very nice 2 points stickin' out to get you when traveling rather than 8, and yes I know, I know... point protectors.. but I really really wanted to try this method. And I am almost done the toe.... not on one sock but on the pair! Yes, see I am nuts.. trying for the first time and going all out.... never do anything the easy way! LOL So I have 2 toes on my needle, and I think it would be easier if the needle was a little longer(mom note the wish list addition! rotfl). But anyways that is what I am up to! Pictures will follow... ah hell.. here they are!

My needle is a little twisty.. .and yes I know by putting them in warm water, or on the defrost in the car I can untwist them... but I find it not too bad to deal with them the way they are.

This here, is yesterday's mess. I was processing Cabbage... (it's the worst at throwing itself around the counter) and I did my Zucchini too. I did the cabbage up first though.All them nasty little bits of cabbage... all over the counter... AND THE FLOOR!!! Need to wash my mats but not for another day... waiting for our water to turn back to the right colour.

This here is the bags of processed cabbage I got from my troubles of the mess. Should make lots of lazy cabbage rolls!!

Now, as I had said about the water. I have to wait to wash my floor mats as the water has been just lovely. I didn't think it was that bad until I put my beautiful white printed flannel(supposed to make jammie pants for someone as a gift, now will be mine and ugly) in the wash and it came out like I had tea dyed it. Looks crappy, i'm not happy. but, life goes on and the fabric will make me some jammie's now.. I think.

Anyways, off and running, Talk to ya's later!


Deb said...

I've knit a toe up sock with ML only once. That was enough for me! lol Good luck with yours. I've knit ML cuff down socks many times and like the finished product much better.
Your cabbage adventure reminded me how my grandmother used to shred cabbage every Fall. She did it all by hand and put the cabbage into earthenware crocks for sourkraut. Yup, the area was a disaster of little cabbage bits, but it was well worth the work in the end.:o)

王菲Star said...
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