Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Work and Mitten's

Hey, these are the mitten's that I made for my nephew. This is the beginning of the Hat/Toque I am making. I will be making a neck warmer yet too. Though the neck warmer will be ribbed all the way and striped more like the mittens. I will also put strips on the top of the hat!
This is the first Twister bin we have done. We have 4 to do. The diameter is 22 feet. See my itty bitty little car in the back of that one? The green step ladder you see is a 6 footer. LOL Finished this one Monday. Did a roof and a half today!
These are the parts and rockets for the next 3.
This is the big beautiful, yummy John Deere Tractor we get to use to put those 4 big bad boys up!! That is a big Bad Boy of a Tractor. Drives like a dream and has wonderful fast hydraulics(perfect for the crane)
This part of the pile of stiffeners that was on the pallet... 6 holes to fill at the top, 8 holes in the middle to join 2 tiers, then 2 holes to fill ahead of time for the next tier. Lotta holes to fill!
LOL these ones were an oops and didn't have any holes!! LOL Was a good thing we had some in the garage to replace them (from previous builds of these bins).
Other than all that I'm doing good. We apparently have a mole in the garden so don't know what we are going to get for veggies... could be interesting. Now off and running... see if I can get some more of that hat done!!


MOM said...

The mittens are gorgeous!


王菲Star said...
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