Thursday, September 06, 2007

Grandma's Coat is done!!!

Hooray!!!! I finished it. I found the room and got the sewing machine out and finished the Jacket. For those of you whom don't remember, I took that backward flap off the pockets so she can now use the pockets, a lot easier... Now, long as I get to the city, grandma won't be cold!!
So, today it rained. Not what the farmers want, but what we got. So no combining, no bins today. So, did up my dishes(they sat a couple days as it was work late, eat, go to bed, get up, work late... you get it). Then I headed to Wadena. I then went to the Bargain shop, looking for suitable totes for my wool. They had some nice fabric, under the bed things that would have worked had I not found what I exactly wanted at the Co-op. I bought 4 large Rubbermaid containers and came home to put my wool away so I could find the table to put the sewing machine on, or something else should I have the need... LOL So, I proceeded to fill them... all 4 full and lots left over... well what did I have in that tote? Blankets.. well I guess they can come out go in a plastic bag for now and the wool will go in... then one that was about half the size, and two of those white kitchen size garbage bags. So in the porch I have, 5 large totes, 1 smaller tote and 2 white garbage bags, of that wool I bought this summer. Then there was the regular stash... LOL I will take pics of the totes later. Too tired now.. after doing that coat. Glad to be done it. Glad to have found my sewing table... :) Now just to squeeze in the "C" Sewing. around the knitting and other wonders that need to occur before December!
Ah well, that's it for now. I am off and running!

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Gill said...

Oh, if only I could get organised! Great job on the jacket.