Monday, September 24, 2007

Toes up....

Progress.... Here we are with two toes. I worked on them today as we didn't go out to build bins while it was cold and damp out. That's as far as I am. I also remade a vest for my grandma. That was a bit trying as I would rather make fresh than alter.... LOL I have little patience to remodel clothing so I am finding, funny it's like that even when I made the original. But, Grandma should be able to wear it without it looking like a dress now, and once I press it, I will feel very very good about that. I was hoping to start some Christmas sewing today, didn't get to it though, so will have to wait for another day. Which is fine, I am back at my socks now. LOL and my fancy stitch marker came from a friends Etsy shop. And yes the pretty one, not the plastic stuff, the plastic one I got from Walmart. The pretty ones are far more fun, though the plastic one if you need to mark a specific stitch can be clipped and left on that one stitch, which works well when crocheting.... Just in case you were wondering. Thinking I may have to invest in some of her pretty pretty letter stitch markers... they would come in handy, as with my socks, I wanted something different to split the sides than what I started with. So I was forced to use the plastic ones or to double up the pretty one in front and well.. I have dropped the single on the floor enough without dropping a two to try and find!!! LOL

So that's about it for now... Catchyas later.... off to make some apple crisp and .... I dunno for supper.. LOL

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