Thursday, September 13, 2007

Feeling under the weather

Hey all,
ick, I had A&W last night... well yesterday, then bologna wrap for supper.... and I feel really icky today. I don't know if it's the food? or the weather though? LOL It's been cold and cloudy and rained all day yesterday! WE did go to work, yes we drove up to Fosston, sat in the truck for 1.5 hours waiting for the rain to stop. It did. We got out. Took the tree(support) out of the roof we were working on, got in the roof. And it started drizzling, we put up a sheet, drizzle heavier, By the time we had 4 sheets up it was raining. It was a nice rain, if it was a better time of year for it. The Farmers don't want it, we bin builders don't want it!!! BRRRRRR and then it's a feels like -2c till 11am today, and then was only -1c at noon... not much warm up!!! So, between not feeling well and the cold we decided work will wait for us until tomorrow. I think this ick is probably a combo of the 2... mind you the food is a big part of it!!!

So, working on my hat in my nice little warm cozy home. LOL Hoping I have enough wool wound and don't have to go to the extension(chilly in there) to get another skein. Although I am betting I will have to make that trip... :P So be it!!!

So, nice an quiet today... knitting away... talk to you all later...

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