Sunday, September 02, 2007


Ok, now that I have recovered from my throw out. LOL Yes, It was very satisfying to throw it out at the time, but, at the same time very disappointing. But, now I have recovered and put a pair of mittens on the needles. I should be all good soon... I am on the row to put the thumb stitches on a holder and away I go... On the knitting road again.

I was in the fabric store on Saturday, they were having a big sale. I was disappointed they didn't have any pajama fleece. But I was bad and bought $50.00 worth of flannel for Jammie pant gifts and of course the 2 spools of thread I went in for. LOL yes I went in for 2 spools of thread, but bought 3 because the little snippet of colour I took to match up was kinda small and I couldn't tell if the lighter or the darker was better and since it was buy one get one I bought both and thought I would check it when I got home. And If i have an extra spool of thread.. so be it. So, when I feel like tackling the Jacket. I am ready!!

So that's it for now, Catch you's later!

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