Monday, September 17, 2007

Done the four.

Hey, We finished the 4 twister's today. Sorry no pics, as it wasn't today we finished it was tonight. While it rained on us we were putting on the laminate stiffeners to the cone... what a headache!! But they are done and off to the next job. Feels good to know we are done those ones!

As far as knitting... well I put a few rounds on the neck warmer today, did not get very far with that... but tiz how it goes sometimes. I did do a little this eve while Hubby was putting those stiffeners on, because he told me there wasn't anything I could really do... but, after watching for a bit... (before the misting) I got out and handed him up the stiffener laminate rather than having him have to carry it up the ladder... I hope I was helpful...

And other than that? Not much. Weather sucks though. We got what 2 nice days? and now rain again tonight? Cold like snow though... and that is a four letter word I don't wanna talk about yet!!! Let alone deal with.....

Well, I am wiped right out.. tired... very very tired and sore... so.. good night.. will talk to you all later... maybe... If I can bring myself to get up in the morning(if its white out I might just stay in bed!!!)

Gnight all!!

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