Friday, February 15, 2008

Stalled in the city...

Well, I got out of town today and halfway to my destination. I picked up some yarn that a lady was selling... there are some fun colours in there.. I will take pictures when I get home with it. I also ordered a neato knitting book off etsy.. when I get it I will show you. I listed a bunch of knitting magazines and such on my etsy store ------> you can check them out while I'm away... :D Tomorrow. I will hang out with my uncle.. very fun and my mom... very fun... then I have to be in Tugaske early enough to deliver supper to my honey. He will be heading up tomorrow.. Sure has warmed up. Yesterday it was a wopping -32cel and today it was -2o something cel when I left home and by the time I got to the city it was -11cel. Tonight at 10pm it was a whopping -1cel. Beautiful! We went to the bookstore.. very fun! Love to look at all the books in there.... and drool on some you know how it goes! While in the bookstore... LOL I heard a guy(sounded like he yelled) say to his other party "want me to go start the car so it will warm up?" LOL I felt like saying back "it's warm enough out it won't have to run long to get warm." It was beautiful out.. but I didn't say it.. just in case they had a new baby with them or something or other... Anywho.. that's my excitement... Off to work tomorrow.... Catchya when I get home.. or if I find myself near a puter maybe sooner!

((hugs to you all!))

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