Monday, February 11, 2008

Nancy's Contest, Knitting tip.. and other such.

Well, Nancy over at Days go by is having a contest. Grace sent me there, and I am sending you! :D ( be sure to tell her I did :P )

Knitting tip:
Well, when I started knitting, I also started a notebook. I wrote down what I made, what size, what yarn, and what needles I used. That way when I gave it away, I knew how to make another if it was so requested. I have now learnt that if you alter the pattern in any way shape or form remember to write that down too! And yes I know, Lots of us know that tip... but some may not...

And a second. I love this one. I read it in a sock book. When knitting in the round, Swap your first and last stitches to create a complete round, rather than having that gap or trying to pull it tight enough.. Makes it soooo much easier to start out!

Other such: Knitting Mojo, I think it is hiding in the vest.... I knit the gusset decrease for that sock then lost my way again... I went into the crafty room to sew, but I got caught on the Bernat Cotton Tots and though.. maybe I should do some crochet? LOL started.. frogged.. started.. frogged... gave up... didn't feel like sewing.. didn't feel like knitting.... so... wandered around on the net.... did some listing of some things I want to get rid of on and that ooh wait.. did some laundry rotfl and that was my excitement... I know not exciting at all but that was it...

We are home until thursday.... the weather is just too freaking nasty to work in... so we are home... If I get up to anything fun.. I'll let ya know...
Catchya's later!!

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