Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Bag is done.

Yes, these are finished product pics. I love the bag... it is kinda a sloppy jean bag. But I like it.. and I think it's kinda my style... might look funny with my new winter coat and new car.. but I really couldn't care.. I like it. The one thing I would have done different, the zipper. I would have put it up at the top instead of having that lip on the sides.. the lip looks kinda sloppy because its not stiff enough to stand up and just kinda rolls around.. but I like it. Hopefully I will like how it performs too... meaning once I uses it some I hope I like it. Here you can see a wee bit of the zipper flap, as the bag hangs on a chair.

Here you can see the whole zipper flap. I like how the stitching on either side of the zip goes with the pocket I put on the end(see previous bag post) and it holds the fabric away both the liner and the outside so they do not get caught in the zip(which makes me nuts).
Bright blue liner, with the Provincial flowers, Made for a good liner.. nice and bright shouldn't lose stuff in there.. though I bet I will anyways!
Eh, Well, that's the sloppy jean bag... ttfn

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Deb said...

I love your bag!! What a creative way to recycle jeans. Really awesome!