Thursday, February 07, 2008

Sorry, I disappeared...

Hey, yes, I did. I went off to work, then came home told you all I was home then disappeared... I got tangled up in a game... Puzzle Quest to be exact... I was playing Super Colapse but finished it so started into Puzzle Quest... quite the game. Anyway. Last night my mom calls to make sure Hubby and I are still kicking cuz she hasn't seen me or heard from me in like... since my last post! LOL Shame on me, but anyways. Yesterday I spent sewing. I have been itching for a new purse. I saw a nice leather one in Penningtons in Regina.. but couldn't bring myself(being cheap) to pay $35. for it, because it would work but wasn't making me jump up and down. I was going to make one but looking through my fabric stash I had no denim. I had 2 colours of corderoy, navy and light blue but neither I liked for a bag. Then I remembered I had this box of Jeans I got from Dandy. So, I dug though the fabric first......... nothing made me jump. Then I dug into the old jeans... I thought there had to be something in there that would work. And there they were, these supper soft, blue/black, Manager Jeans. So, I chopped them up... this is what I came up with....

Above, slung over the chair, below the front.

Above is the back of the bag, Below is the pocket I put on the end. I hope the pocket will hold my cell phone.
I have yet to line the bag. I tried a lining yesterday but it did not turn out so, I think I am going to go basic... very very basic.. and make little pouches for the stuff I dont want others to see.. like pads, advil and all the other crap that runs around the bottom of a purse. I also need to decide how to close it... I don't have a zipper and I think a button will look stupid... so we shall see what happens... I don't know that it will have a falling open problem anyways with the fact that it has a single strap instead of 2... I dunno.. we will see I guess... Let me know whatcha think. K?

Anyways I should run. I finished my 7 in the post below though they aren't very exciting... enjoy! LOL Catchya later!

(btw-spell checker is down.... so my spelling sucks.... forgive me!)

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