Tuesday, February 12, 2008

ahh a new book...

Yesterday, In the mail I got my new sock book! I love it! It's great! I just can't decide which socks I want to make first... LOL but I have to finish the ones I have going!!!!! Thes ones are beautiful!
And these ones are neat too...... though I think they would be house socks for sure... don't know how a cable that size would feel in a shoe!! LOL
I had great plans to get in my crafty room and do some sorting around... but, it didn't happen... LOL there is still stuff everywhere.. I found other things to ocupy me.. like a walk in the cold(see losing my weigh-other blog). I also put a few rows on that sock. I got tangled up in that Puzzle quest game for a bit... and that's about all... So, catchya later if I remember what I wanted to tell you all this morning....(my brain is a bit on vacation) LOL

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