Friday, February 08, 2008

Shopping in Yorkton...

We drove home in the blizzard... LOL at least it wasn't like trying to get home from Tugaske... Moose Jaw was a complete white out, this was just a good amount of snow with a good amount of wind so, take it easy and your fine. One could see for 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile, most the way home.. there was the odd patch that was nasty but nothing near Moose Jaw B4 like I said. Anyways.. In Yorkton... Bought me some new work boots... so my good boots can be worn after work! And my work boots to work! I love them... I hope they love me too!

And of course my subscription ran out b4 my renewal made it in... so I missed the January issue of Creative Knitting in the mailbox.. but I did manage to find the damn thing at Zeller's. They hadn't pulled the old ones off the shelf yet! Thank goodness!!! I found a bunch of patterns that I liked in it! I like the sweater on the cover.... I love this vest... Just might have to make it for me.... hear that... might HAVE TO make it for me! that's ME!!! I can't believe I said that either... LOL

I love this sweater... but it is bulky weight and would look bulky and huge on me... but I love the style of the sweater... It looks ooooh so comfy don't ya think?
There was a hat too... but not sure how it would look on my fat head... might find out if I feel like makin it.. though there was a hat and scarf set.... that I liked too.. and a pair of worsted weight sockies... I might have to make... LOL the list in the issue goes on and on I tell ya! LOL Love it...

So, that's my excitement. We got hubby some zip front bunny hugs too... found one at Mark's for $20. I like it.... nice colours and all.. got him some sweats too... keep him warm out there... I know I know I am rambling on now... so will go and leave you to my pictures... enjoy!!! LOL

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