Thursday, January 31, 2008

Home for a bit... really?

Wow, was gone for what... 2 weeks? Though by the time we got the chance to get home it feels more like 3.... We got our hopper cones built, the first 12 anyways. We put skids on 12-14 foot hopper cones. Had the weather been co-operative, we would have started onto bins. We have one to spin in the Co-Op yard and then 10 we can build before the vents for the roofs on the air bins arrive. Though I think we had one vent leftover last year so maybe we can build 11. Just the temperature has to get up around the -10cel. or warmer.

This beauiful flowering Cactus is what we came home to. I thought for sure I was going to miss the full bloom part of this beautiful critter... but didn't! So I was very happy to see it, all blooms!

This here is a picture of the truck, burried in snow. It had snowed the whole day before. When we first got there we did a wee bit of work the first day er so then it got snowy, blowy and kinda cold for a few, then we got back out there... I just can't remember exactly what day this was....Snowed on the Tuesday Jan.15, I took the pic on the morning of Jan. 16.
While we were snowed in.. or blowed in.. or the temperature would freeze us, this is what I was up to. I made a pair of liner's for my FIL for his Leather mittens. He gave me back the thrummed mittens..... they are a wee bit too big for putting in leather mitts and the wind goes right through them. So now to figure what to do with them... oh well! He was happy to see this pair anyways... I hope they keep his fingers warm and make damn good liners, because all the hours he spends outside.
These ones, Mom had put on her wish list... but I thought they would be a bit late if they showed up on her birthday and well, Christmas next year is a long time to wait for mitten's that match your ear band... So I gave them to her when we went through Regina on the way home... Mom likes them too... (though they were a wee bit long, but better long than too short!) and she was happy with them so that really is what matter's to me!

So, we have been home since, Tuesday night. I have caught up on my email (only had 226 waiting for me). I tried to catch up on all my blogs I read.. some of you may have noticed late comments there..... LOL Because I was away from home and had no internet. I was a bit sad I missed out on Cass' 444 contest... but it looks like she had lots of entries anyways.. all the fun she has over there! I love the socks Dandy(Purple is a fruit) is making.. they are so neat! I have also see some other wonderous projects in my blog travels... I love the baby ear flap hats that are showing up on By the hills.
I am loving my little car. She hasn't been named.. other than viberator. I am taking her in to Pontiac tomorrow to get a latch on the hatch looked at... but other than that.. Love her! She's a great little car... well not so little if you put her beside the old Tercel.. but little in the sence of she uses a hell of a lot less gas than the truck and seemingly not a whole lot more than the Tercel.
Oh well, I should tell you about our trip home... LOL we headed out Monday... LOL just before the blizzard hit.. yes the blizzard.. we thought we might still beat it but we didn't. I started out with the car and hubby loaded the truck with some stuff, then followed. The roads weren't too bad until I turned onto #2 going right into Moose Jaw. I mean most of the way it was kinda blowy and snowy but one could see a long way... and the highway was good. Then when I turned to go south... in the first 10 km it was good, except for the puzzling cattle trailer in the ditch that was facing north but, was in the southbound ditch. The truck that was hauling it did get out though as it wasnt anywhere to be seen. Then about 10km from Moose Jaw it went to white out. All I could see was the lines on the highway. Talk about driving blinded. When an oncoming vehicle came up I could see them maybe 3 to 5 feet before we met. Was some wild weather. When Hubby met me in Moose Jaw, it was, we have 2 choices... go see my sis or huddle up in a hotel. So we got a hotel room and went to visit my sis, as it wasn't as bad in town.. I mean the temp was still bitter cold and the snow still blowing but nothing like the white out you get in the open. The next day we headed from Moose jaw to Regina. Had a visit with my mom, took her shopping a wee bit... then we dropped her home and headed for our home. I was wanting to stay a couple days with mom but, my home was calling.. louder and clearer the closer we got to it. And with the weather the way it was we wanted to stick together. That way, if one of us hit the ditch or had trouble in that -52cel with the wind chill the other would be there for them. The roads were surprizingly good, though the oncoming lanes had snowdrifts in them... When I called my mom to let her know we got home ok.... I said I was sure glad I wasnt coming the other way! LOL (and yes my mom worries like crazy, so, yes I do call her when I get home from her place). Sighs, so we got home Late Tuesday afternoon.. ooh way early evening... it was closer to 7pm. LOL but we made it safe and sound.
Yesturday(Weds) we made a trip to the farm where I gave dad the mittens for liners. Mom had some cherry tarts.. mmm they are good. Had a good little visit and headed back home.. didn't want to be out too long as the wind chills were still in the -40 to -45 Cel. range. Today the Wind chills were up there too... So glad to spend the day at home.. mind you tackled some laundry did up yesterdays dishes and had a nap this afternoon.. man I was whiped.
Ah well, we are around for a few now... will be off to Yorkton tom. for the car and some groceries... but thats about it so far!
Well, talk to you later!


West Coast Diva said...

I love love love Christmas Cactus plants. Yours is lovely!!! Blooms once a year. And as always your are a knitting fool and your mittens are darling.

Dandy said...

sounds like you had a really eventful couple of weeks....

I did finish the first sock... and have the toe of the next one on the go... with the day off today I'm hoping to turn the heal and maybe even finish the thing!... but we'll

Val said...

I think the christmas cactus is even better than last year. Amazing!