Friday, January 11, 2008

We owe, We owe, tiz off to work we go!

Hey all, We are off to work. Those of you whom know and love us... can call us. Yes, believe it or not we carry those phones for a reason, AND they upgraded the tower where we will be so WE WILL HAVE SERVICE!!! Just no Internet. (sorry all my net buddies!)

The baby sweater, I know I have invested a bit of time into it... but, I do think I am going to rip it out and make a blanket with the variegated yarn, save the pattern for some solid yarn. I had a friend talk to a friend who gave some awesome advice, thank you!!!! Much Appreciated!! But, I think I am going to call it a blanket... LOL

I will be switching into socks for dad, Yes, Dad wants more socks. So, for his birthday, that is what he shall get... I want to make a pair of socks for an uncle of mine that especially likes things that are home made, and because my dad keeps showing him all the socks I make! LOL

I have a poncho to finish. I want to make 2 er 3 more pairs of mittens... I want to make a scarf. I have this fun, crazy snow cone coloured yarn. It is yellow, orange, white, bright reddy colour and has a touch of green in it. I want to make a one row scarf with it. You know, the Yarn Harlot's One row scarf.. that's the one.. at least I think... we shall see when I get to it...

My Christmas Cactus is blooming. Yes, it has flowers on it. Just a wee bit late for Christmas, and a wee bit early for Easter... but I do, still love the little orange flowers it gives me to look at. Yes, mine is orange, mom's is pink(beautiful bright pink). Ah well, If I manage to I will take a couple pics for you before I go.....

Well, Off and running,
Will post when I can!!!

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