Monday, January 07, 2008

Finished!!!! and more reno's

I finished them, last night. They look like boxing gloves. But they will be warm and fuzzy!

I cast on a baby sweater.... just for fun. When I get enough of it there to look like something I will take a picture for you to see!
Above is after we got the darn thing stood up, that was a bit of fun! Then below is the old pantry, moved out of the way for the new one to go in.The new pantry, no finish, no shelves, but it is standing in place. The washer is going to get turned to face the doorway next to it so that I can open it up and chuck things from it to the dryer in the porch. There is also going to be a cupboard above the washer... eventually.This is what my pantry looks like in my living room. Doesn't it just look like fun?



MOM said...

Aah ... the joys of renovating!

MOM said...

The thrummed mittens for your FIL look wonderful and warm. You are right though - they do look huge!