Saturday, January 12, 2008

Scarf, and another cupboard!!!

Hey, I made this scarf.. in 2 days... yes, 2 days and there is this lovely thick warm scarf. I made it using the Yarn Harlot's One Row Scarf pattern (thanks Cass for showing me yours... and inspiring me to make one). I made it using Red Heart's Bright and Lofty in the colour Snow Cone. My beef. I ended up with 2 different dye lots. You can see the difference in the scarf in the pics. One end is bright the other is more pastel, one has lots of blue, the other next to none. Now I got this yarn on sale... cheapish... but, what the hey? someone swap the ball bands? Eh, at least there is a scarf, and the pattern actually kept me awake. The bulky yarn kept me from getting sick of it as it worked up so nice and fast! Love it! I haven't tucked the ends in yet.. I will do that later.. I like it, I think it will end up being mine... though I wanted to originally sell it on Etsy, but because it is different dye lots.. I don't think I can. Not with a good conscience anyways, so, this bright colours thick and yummy scarf is mine... :D (can't really complain)

Hubby was busy with cupboards again. See he is going to turn the washer to face out too like the cupboard. It will be awesome when its done!!!(I mean the washer turned) The cupboard is already awesome! Love it! Holds lots of good stuff... have the garbage bags that make a messy looking shelf elsewhere up there now too! Looks awesome. Doors will follow, but we were/are getting ready to head off to work so the cupboard is great! I can wait on doors... Same with the pantry.. I can wait. Tiz all good!!!

Talk to ya's later!

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