Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Progress, progress, progress?

Here is the start of the baby sweater, this is the bottom of the back. I have a few more rows on it now... but not much, been busy.... Close up of colour and stitches for you!
See what great stuff hubby makes up for me? Now they aren't all jumbled up in the drawer making me nuts when I want one! Only thing apparently I was to sand the holes before I stained it... and I forgot... but it still looks good.. and I love it.
See the little flipper/spoon one... goes with the pot/pan one!
Here is the pantry with some colour. Hubby did this last night, while I tried to sleep. Didn't sleep though... should have just got up.. but I was sooo tired!
Shelves getting their stain....
And Voila! Here it is all stained up and drying. I think it should be safe to load up late this afternoon! Hubby will add doors and such after... but for now we want the living room back!

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