Sunday, January 13, 2008

My New VIBEbrator

Take a peek down a couple days... you can see it... apparently drafts post on the day you drafted them.... *shrugs*

Well, off to Christmas, and off to work after...

Thank you again T. We will have to make the trip to the city soon!!! Was good to see you, sorry to wake you!

The new Vibe handles like a dream on the gravel!!! LOVE IT!!!

Catchya later!


West Coast Diva said...

Oh my god it's negative 19 at your house!!!!!! and again I love your new car. Question -- do you knit by hand or do you use a machine? And I read you all the time, I am mostly a lurker:) Can you believe that -- a big mouth like me?

TricsH said...

Oh I love that scarf! Nice Job!
The car is AWESOME! Was telling DH about it. No worries about waking me, I was supposed to be up anyways! Take care TTYS! Hugs